Why Lactacyd

We understand the sensitivities of the intimate zone and the importance of maintaining its pH balance to stay healthy. We aim to provide products representing the very highest standards in quality. This is how:

Balanced pH

The balanced, acidic pH respects the natural acidity of the intimate zone.

Clinically tested

Our products are extensively clinically and gynecologically tested for efficacy and mildness. Lactacyd Feminine Wash is clinically proven to provide delicate care as well as protection from odor and irritation with everyday cleansing. All products are safe for daily use.


Trusted by millions of women worldwide for more than 60 years. Lactacyd believes that to help take care of your feminine hygiene, you need an intimate partner. Lactacyd offers a complete range of intimate washes tailored to every phase of your life.

Natural Lactic Acid

All Lactacyd products are enriched with natural lactic acid that supports the growth of good bacteria in the vaginal flora and helps maintain the natural acidity of the intimate zone.

Mild & gentle ingredients

Lactacyd products are made from mild, milk-based ingredients including lactoserum and lactic acid, which exist naturally in the female intimate zone. The mild, soap-free formula is so soft you can use it on a daily basis.