For most women, pregnancy is the most beautiful period of their lives – even though from a physical point of view it brings a lot of change with it. As an expectant mom, you want to enjoy your pregnancy free of worries. However, due to hormonal changes an expectant woman is more prone to vaginal infections than are non-pregnant women. It’s important to know about these issues.

My pregnancy

A woman’s body will undergo a lot of changes in only nine months. Hormonal fluctuations that are completely natural during pregnancy and post-partum often have a negative impact on the intimate zone. Vaginal mucosa are more prone to irritation and this increases the chance of infection. It’s important, particularly during the third trimester, to take good care of your intimate zone.

Take daily preventative measurements, like proper intimate hygiene, and if possible eliminate other risk factors (by wearing cotton underwear, limiting the consumption of sugar in the diet, etc.). Lactacyd Pharma with Antibacterials is specially developed to meet the needs of pregnant women. It limits the risk of infection by fighting the proliferation of bacteria. It reduces the risk of irritation and eases these minor discomforts of pregnancy.